Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hu Watch

As you may know, Chinese President, Hu Jintao is in the U.S. conducting a U.S. China summit. But first he flew into Seattle, Washington and met with the man with real power for the Chinese people, Mr. Computers himself, Bill Gates. Hu also apparently assured Mr. Gates that he would be tough on software piracy...(yeah, right). Any ordinary Chinese person can buy pirated software from eight year olds smoking cigarettes in a back alley...o.k. not really, but it is VERY easy to get a pirated copy of just about any program. Anyhow, I'll be keeping watch on Mr. Hu's visit... Thursday he'll be in Washington D.C. and meet with "Xiao Bush". P.S. Look how enthused Gates looks in this picture... full story Also noteworthy, MSNBC has two interesting, yet opposing stories up. The first is titled War of Wills which is one of those doomsday articles about a new cold war brewing and the other is titled Hu promotes deepening U.S.-China ties

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