Thursday, April 27, 2006


Hey... aren't those ski goggles? If Beijing Swat is trying to look menacing, uh... keep trying. "Masked members of a Chinese police SWAT team attend a ceremony to launch their Olympic security training program in Beijing April 27, 2006. Beijing's 40,000 police officers will take part in the training, with the majority having language training to deal with the more than two million visitors expected before and during the games."

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If indeed they are ski goggles this could be a problem for these folks. The materials in the lenses most likely are not created for the impact of types of debris a riot control group would encounter.
Years ago we heard about some welding masks that would not protect a welder if he experianced a "burp" in the course of his duties and his own fist or welding torch popped back and hit his own mask!! they may indeed have this happen causing the plastic lenses to actually do more harm than good! Stupid Commie Bastards!!! Does Wal Mart hire X-blind police as greeters???? I heard they are in China now!!