Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Mr. Yuk!

Mr. Yuk the internationally recognized poison prevention symbol, turns 35 just in time for national Poison Prevent Week. He was created at the Pittsburgh Poison Center (PPC) at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in 1971 to educate children and parents about poison prevention and poison control centers, and has since been adopted as a symbol recognized around the world. For more read here... link


breonala@yahoo.com said...

OK here goes....Breonatron was DENIED ACCESS for the woo and smash blogs this morning at work her at MCPS...former employer of Lumpythecook. I spewed to our User Support Specialist...OH well...No socially redeeming values..I guess. Well low and behold..I got on and there's MR YUCK!! I need stickers for the Vision Pre-K here at the elementary school! And who has it? WOO HAS IT You da man!!!!!! Remember I'm "THE JANITOR!!!!" say that in the voice from kids in the sketch with the NSX car "I am The Car" remember?

breonala@yahoo.com said...

That's Kids In The Hall...the sketch was just funny as hell.

Woobot said...

Glad to be of service... if woospace can protect one child or even half a child, then its doing it's job. Thanx Breonatron!