Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pirate Changes!

Shhhh... Don't Tell a soul thar matey, remember Dead Men Tell No Tales... Ye Been Warned. Disney Imagineers plan to update the Disney classic, Pirates Of the Caribbean, with a Summer 2006 Debut.

Disneyland visitors will find Jack Sparrow has moved in and tweaked the storyline of the 39-year-old ride to align more with the second and third sequels of the blockbuster original movie. The ride is not getting a major face lift, but will include a new state of the art sound system, and a few new effects (canon balls anyone?) But the biggest change will be the introduction of the "The Black Pearl", Jack Sparrow, and the corpse of Davey Jones.

The Walt Disney World version will also play out much the same with new animatronics, although that truncated 8 minute version of the 15 minute long Disneyland original will have to squeeze some of the special effects into much smaller spaces and shorter time frames. The Imagineers feel that the Disneyland version of this remake will be the superior version from an artistic standpoint, and Disney will be using mainly the Disneyland version as it hypes the new ride to the national media next summer.

Not sure how I feel about this one, Johnny Depp being part of a Disney attraction for the rest of time? But then again, to new audiences the movies will have come to represent the ride's content anyway. How do you feel, do you think they should change the ride?

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