Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yesterday Once More, Again and Again...

I recently came across this article, which reminded of the horrific musical tastes in China:
Little did Richard Carpenter know when he wrote a song for his sister, Karen Carpenter, thirty-two years ago, it would still be at the top of the Charts in China . Coming up this week, Yesterday Once More will have been at the top of China’s Top Twenty Charts for a mind boggling 1,664 weeks!!! (That's insane)

“It’s an honor,” says Richard Carpenter. “I mean China has a lot of people, and a good portion of them seem to really love our music. I don’t know if that means that we had good taste then, or China continues to have good taste now? I’m happy, although I can’t say we’ve ever received a penny in royalties from that part of the world—a penny or whatever kinda crazy ying yangs and yick yaks they pay with over there. Anyway, it does feel good to be appreciated. Do they know I released a solo album back in 1987? It should be a hot new album there by now.” At one point I think Titatnic's "My Heart Will Go On" was up there on the charts, but Yesterday Once More is solidly at #1...FOREVER. Don't you like Richard's description of the Yuan? Nice.

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It just goes to show how dumb the main stream white lame ass "no culture" middle americans can figure that if the person...(Carpenter) had half a brain they would have done some traveling by now and possibly embraced some "other hemisphere" folks... YICK YACKS???I'm insulted by that!I'm mix bleed WASP