Monday, October 03, 2005


I just saw A History of Violence, and although not perfect, there were some solid performances in it that I really enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

Saw History of violence, and Boy, its hits you like laying your head on the RR tracks waiting for the 3:30Pm Express! Everyone does a good job, outstanding performances from the Knight Rider, and John Hurt. Not, I repeat for the squeamish, and guys I'd leave the little lady at home.

Anonymous said...

Oh the night Rider, ofcourse is Ed Harris, for all you non genre folks! Also a special nod to Stephen McHattie, for the allround sick pycho killer award

" I said COFFEE!!!"

Jim said...

Saw it last night. Man, I thought it was awful. Truly painful to watch. However, some of the acting was stellar (Ed Harris & Viggo)...the rest of the cast was embarrassing. There was perhaps 2-3 very BRIEF moments (of violence) that were well done and enjoyable....maybe 5minutes worth total. The rest was downright asinine - The bully going after the son for catching a ball in gym class? Are you kidding me? It was like a bad WB show jumping the shark with a jetski! 2hrs of my life I want back.

--my 2 cents