Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Game

Rock critic Neil Strauss thought he had problems attracting girls, so he decided to learn the ropes from professional pick up artists. He went to experts like Ross Jeffries, who goes around the country giving Speed Seduction seminars ("The ultimate training, perfect for total confidence and success with the hot, sexy, beautiful women you've always wanted") and found out that the techniques actually work. Strauss discovered that he really could pick up beautiful women using the methods he learned up from the pros (they often involve hypnosis-style banter and neurolinguistic programming techniques.)

Strauss then begins to examine the professional pick up artists themselves, by moving in with them in a house in West Hollywood (not exactly a bastion of heterosexualtiy). These artists are like a secret society, complete with their own impenetrable jargon (there's a great glossary in the back of the book).- M. Frauenfelder I haven't read this book yet, but I know it has been optioned for a theatrical release. I want to read it before it comes to the big screen! To buy or read excerpts, check this Link

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