Thursday, September 29, 2005

Woospace Artist: Lari Pittman

Lari Pittman is a giant figure in Contemporary painting, well, as far as west coast painters goes, and definitely the biggest name in west coast gay painters. But for me, Lari's work transcends gay or straight art. Lari is a paint technician. His work is so dense, detailed, and layered that's its hard for anyone to not appreciate it. I was first exposed to Lari's work at school, (he's partners with the head of my program, also talented painter, Roy Dowell) Every time I see a new piece by Lari, I am more impressed. He utilizes stencils, airbrush, and tightly crafted handwork to create complicated landscapes and abstract images. Here is a link for more of his work, although it's a little dated now. Hope you enjoy.

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Lola said...

WOW-Lari Pittman is amazing! it's like a combination of surrelism, circus art and illustration! woohooo!!