Monday, July 25, 2005

Dogs Rounded Up for Killing at Disney's Hong Kong Park

Raising the question what would Pluto and Goofy think?, Hong Kong Disneyland personnel have been rounding up stray dogs at the soon-to-open theme park and killing them. The South China Morning Post reported today (Monday) that about 40 dogs, which had been used as "unofficial guard dogs" by construction workers while the park was being built, had been abandoned once the workers left and posed a "safety threat." But animal rights activists in the city have protested that Disney should have made a greater effort to find homes for the dogs. Noting that the dogs were "friendly and healthy," Sally Anderson of Hong Kong Dog Rescue said in a letter to the editor: "A company like Disney surely has some sort of moral obligation to take care of the dogs that have been used on their site as guard dogs. It's disgraceful that these dogs are simply thrown away like garbage."

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